The WineIdea software has intuitive graphical layouts to make it easy to control, monitor and manage every aspect of your Wine Card operations.


The WineIdea software allows you to:

  • install the software onto 1 or more POS computers, depending on the version used

  • connect to each dispenser via your LAN network to communicate data between the software and the dispensers. You can view details of every wine installed and the remaining volume in the bottles

  • create details of every wine to be served and upload the prices and name description to display above the bottle in the dispensers

  • create a database of your wine suppliers and the wine producers so that you can track, report and analyse sales performance

  • create Wine Cards for staff to install and remove bottles, clean and maintain the dispensers

  • create Wine Cards to allow customers to serve themselves whilst the software record all details of the value, volume and time of every wine they serve. The Wine Cards can be created in various formats so the customer either pre-pays for their tasting, or operates a "tab" to pay when they are finished

  • automate backups of the database and download updates

Three versions of the software are available.  Whether you have a single site or are planning nationwide multi-store installations we will advise you of the options and help you to select the most suitable and cost effective version.


This most commonly used version, READY is designed for small and medium installations.  This professional client-server software allows up to 2 POS computers to operate the software (one computer acts as the server).  There may be limitations to the maximum number of dispensers the READY version can support, depending on the processing power of the computers used. 


Designed for medium to large installations, this professional client-server software is structured to allow the connection of an unlimited number of POS positions and a large number of dispensers.  A dedicated server is required and this can either be supplied by WineEmotion or the software can be installed directly onto your server platform.  The processing power of the server will determine the maximum number of dispensers.


For intensive use, very large installations and the activation of multiple site locations where data synchronisation is required. 

OPTION:  Printed Barcode Coupon Activation

Optional barcode readers can be connected to the rear of the Series 3+ dispensers to allow activation by barcodes printed using a thermal receipt printer.   The printed barcode feature can be used with, or instead of Wine Cards, by customers.  It can be fitted to any, or all, dispensers in an installation. All barcode activated systems also require a USB Chip Card reader and Wine Cards for staff operations of the dispensers.

The printed barcode coupons can be either:

  • created with a fixed value and used until the value is used (or the remaining value is refunded at the POS), or;

  • created to allow a set number of serves to be taken - great for events or promotional vouchers.

The readers that connect to the back of the dispenser have a 1.6m long cable and can be mounted under the bench, free-standing on the bench top or integrated into the cabinet with a 12cm - 15cm wide slot as shown in the photo (above left).


One or more PC computers with Windows 10 are required at the locations you want to operate the software, typically at the POS positions.  The software can operate on POS terminals that are Windows based and allow 3rd party applications to be installed.

The MYSQL database which holds the database can be installed onto one of the POS computers for the READY version.   The REVOLUTION versions require a Windows Server for the database.

A LAN data network is required to connect between the dispensers and the PC's operating the software.